Employee Benefits

All Wellness Plan participants receive access to a program of carefully selected benefits and resources designed to have an immediate and lasting positive impact on their overall health.

Direct Primary Care

participants have full access to direct primary care services operated by Medallus Medical. This extremely valuable benefit allows participants to see selected providers for urgent care, primary care, and other services as outlined for only $10 per visit. Participants have the option of adding family members to this service for an additional cost.


participants are given access to providers via telephone at no extra charge. 70% of primary care can be handled over the phone, and 40% of urgent care visit can be handled over the phone. This allows participants to receive healthcare advice from anywhere and at any hour.

Care Management

This service offers participants personalized assistance to resolve claims or billing issues, explain the benefits of any current insurance policy, resolve to encourage issues, review medical bills, negotiate payment arrangements, help answer questions about participants or medical diagnosis, and much more

Supplemental Benefits

As part of the Engage Wellness program participants with sufficient wellness reserve amounts may qualify to receive supplemental benefits such as disability insurance, life insurance, accident insurance, etc. The amount of each policy will vary by the employee and all of the options will be discussed at the time of enrollment.

Personal Health Dashboard

Each participant is provided access to a custom personal health dashboard operated by United Health and Wellness. This online tool allows participants to meet their health goals through a wide variety of tools. Examples include live individual coaching sessions for weight loss and smoking cessation, health risk assessments, health library access, fitness and nutrition trackers and much more. The Personal Health Dashboard tracks each participant qualified activities to ensure program compliance.

Employee Requirements

To remain compliant with all government regulations regarding this wellness program, participants are required to complete at least one wellness activity per quarter. Their are a large variety of activities that qualify. Examples include visits to doctors and dentists, telemedicine visits, coaching visits via the personal health dashboard, accessing the medical library, or completing a risk assessment. Activities are tracked on the personal health dashboard and reminders will be sent out regularly.