Dr. Dee Frayne - Limitless Life CoachLimitless Life Coach

Dr. Dee Frayne

Dr. Dee Frayne is the founder of my YES life, a results driven coaching business that helps people “create a life without limits” by developing mental excellence. Grounded in evidence-based research, Dee teaches and coaches individuals to lead their brains, achieve emotional wellness, and maximize their results in life. Dee's ultimate goal is to help teach people to ditch the mental chaos that is preventing them from enjoying their lives and fulfilling their potential.
Dee earned a Doctorate of Management in Organizational Leadership and an MBA. Dee has served as a professional coach for nearly 6 years, with more than 8500 coaching hours under her belt. She has also worked in higher education, government, corporate and nonprofit roles.
Through her transformative coaching, she guides clients to remove the barriers and limiting beliefs that hold them back from living their own YES Life. Dee has helped hundreds of clients achieve big, huge and even seemingly impossible goals that have radically improved their quality of life, their careers, finances, relationships and emotional experience.
When she’s not helping clients transform their mindsets, you can find Dee inside cooking, reading (an avid lifelong learner) and writing, or outdoors snowboarding, kayaking, camping and hiking with her husband and 2 dogs.

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